Shamrokon Programme

We are currently putting together a programme that we believe will be exciting and thought provoking. It will cover the History of the Fantastical in Ireland along with more modern thinking and writing. European and world SF & Fantasy will also feature heavily. Of course with artistic and translation Guests of Honour you can expect both of those areas to feature heavily. 

You can find the programme here

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Discussion panels will form the backbone of our programme, with subjects as wide ranging as Irish horror (check out more details on the Le Fanu track below), celtic gods & magic, South American SF, Sibling rivalry in SF & Fantasy, the complications of Pseudonyms, filking, comics and much, much more. These panels will feature professionals, experts and fans (often all three in the same person!) discussing the topic and throwing the coversation open to the audience.

Currently we have 80 panels in the planning stages and are inviting partipants to take part on them. We will not be forcing binary gender balance on individual panels but are looking to craft a balanced and diverse program over all.

We'll be interviewing (in one way or another) all five of our Guests of Honour and encouraging them to tell the con what they love, what they think and what they'll be doing next!

We hope to have a number of workshops with professional writers & artists.

Shamrokon will feature several readings from the many, many authors who'll be joining us for the weekend.

The Timetable

The programme will start at 14:00 on Friday the 22nd with the official opening ceremony at 18:00 that day. The con will run until the Closing Ceremony at 18:00 on Sunday 24th but we're hoping lots of people will be hanging around for a little longer.

We will also be having a Dead Dog Party on Monday the 25th of August, in the Porterhouse Central, which is in on Nassau Street, Dublin 2, close to Dublin's iconic Grafton Street (note: this event was previously listed as being in the Porterhouse, Temple Bar, but was moved for accessibility) when those who are still around can join other fans for a quiet drink in a great Dublin pub.

Key Events

The Opening Ceremony

The Conventions Opening ceremony is the true start of the convention, we will introduce to our Guests of Honour and get the convention truly started.

The Golden Blaster Short Film

The Sixth annual Irish Short Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror short film Awards. This is a collection of the best short films from around the world. There is both a Juried award and an Audience Award. The films will be shown to both jury and audience during the weekend. The winners will be  announced at the Closing Ceremony.

Tantalus Theatre Company

The talented folks from the Tantalus Theatre Company will be putting on an original piece for Shamrokon on Saturday evening. We haven't got all the details yet, but we know it'll be very funny and relevant to the community.

European Fandom Party

Shamrokon is, of course, a Eurocon and on Saturday night we plan to celebrate many of the countries and people that made our fandom great! Join us for a mix of food and drink from around Europe, great conversation and a party that we're sure will run long into the night.

Le Fanu Track

Marking the 200th birth anniversary of Irish author Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873), Eurocon is pleased to announce a Le Fanu programming track at this year’s convention. Known during his lifetime as Dublin’s “Invisible Prince”, Le Fanu played a pivotalrole in the development of both the modern crime novel and the dark fantastic. He is best known for gothic novels such as Uncle Silas and The Wyvern Mystery, as well as his tales of the supernatural, including “The Familiar”, “Schalken the Painter”, and the terrifyingly bleak “Green Tea”. Le Fanu’s ghost stories were praised by M.R. James, E.F. Benson, Dorothy Sayers and Elizabeth Bowen, while his classic vampire tale “Carmilla” bore a profound influence on Dracula, written by fellow Dubliner Bram Stoker. Shamrokon will feature a number of panels and events hosted by international experts paying tribute to the life and works of Dublin’s master of the macabre.
More information on the Le Fanu 200 celebrations can be found on this Facebook page.


The Closing Ceremony

The end of the convention. This will feature the Golden Blasters and the ESFS Awards ceremonies. .

Joining the Programme

A convention programme is only as strong as its participants and with around one hundred events expected during the Shamrokon weekend we need lots of volunteers to get involved! You don't need to be a professional author or artist, you just need to have passion, knowledge and a willingness to express your opinions, or read your work, or lead a workshop, in front of a room of people.

If you don't want to be on the programme, but have some great ideas (hopefully along with some people who can speak about them) please mail us at