Code of Conduct

To ensure the maximum enjoyment of everyone involved, please read the following rules which make up the Shamrokon Code of Conduct

  1. First and foremost, have a good time. That’s the whole point of the convention
  1. Please also do what you can to make sure others have a good time. In particular please read our harassment policy as this will inform you of how you should expect to be treated and how you should treat others.
  1. The committee reserves the right to revoke the membership of any member whose behaviour they feel is disruptive and is preventing others from enjoying the convention.
  1. Badges: The badge tells us that you’ve paid and are entitled to be admitted. It’s your passport to the convention. Please keep it visible at all times. If the security gophers can’t see it, they’ll have to ask you for it. If you lose your badge, don’t panic. You can get a new one from the registration desk for a fee.
  1. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the hotel except smoking-permitted bedrooms. This is in accordance with Irish law. There is an outdoor smoking area.
  1. Children under 12 may only be admitted to the convention if accompanied by an adult member. Adults bringing children to the convention must be responsible for them at all times during the convention, and are asked to ensure that they are responsibly cared for, and not allowed to cause disruptions during events. Please note that while Shamrokon is aimed at all ages, some events - particularly those later in the evening - may be unsuitable for minors.
  1. Unless otherwise stated, normal still photography is permitted in general convention areas. However please seek permission from members before taking their photos. 
  1. You should  seek permission from dealers before taking photographs of their stands or any items thereon. 
  1. Some costumes may mean that the cosplayers may have limited visibility and may not appreciate being blinded at a crucial moment by a flash going off in their face. In general flash photography in general areas is frowned upon as others may also be shocked by a sudden flash.
  1. Film, video and audio recording will only be permitted where the permission of the convention committee and the persons involved has been sought first. Otherwise, use your common sense.
  1. The issue of weapons is always an area of controversy, however for insurance and legal reasons we have to draw a line in the sand. Accordingly we are decreeing that real and realistic-looking weapons or otherwise dangerous objects cannot be brought into the convention unless they are being used as a prop in a convention event. In such cases, they must be safely bound and may not be displayed outside the specific event. The committee must be informed of any such weapons and reserves the right to refuse their admission to the convention. All weapons should be presented to Ops for checking.
  1. It is not normally permitted to bring food and drink into the hotel. There is a corkage charge on bottles of wine. If hotel staff discover you bringing in food or drink, you’re on your own.
  1. Due to health and safety regulations at the hotel, no live animals - with the exception of Service Animals - may be brought into the convention.
  1. If a problem arises with the Tech equipment, don’t try to fix it yourself. There should be a member of staff present, but if there isn’t, please find one.
  1. Remember, the convention guests are people too! Please try not to monopolise their time or otherwise unnecessarily inconvenience them.
  1. To avoid disruption, mobile phones must be switched off, or at least to silent, during panels.

Please remember Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Fandom is wonderfully diverse, we all have a part to play in respecting each other from respecting people's pronouns to respecting people's opinions and always being civil. Thank you for your part in keeping Shamrokon inclusive and fun.