Membership List

We currently have 1038 Members.

Membership Type No of Members
Attending 873
Supporting 75
Under 21 90
Grand Total 1038


Below is a mostly complete Membership list. We have not included 129 people who asked for their information to be withheld.

Currently this list is updated manually, it will not update immediately after a membership is purchased

Please email if any of the following conditions are true:

  • If you are on this list, and wish to have your information withheld.
  • If you are on this list, and the information we have is wrong.
  • If you wish to check your membership status and it is not on this list.

This list reflects our database as of the 17th of August 2014. It is sorted by Surname where shown, otherwise by Badge name.


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Badge Number Badgename Country Membership Type
A1,073   Ireland Attending
U922 @minus1cjb Ireland Attending
A376 1/2r United Kingdom Attending
A455 A Damp owl Ireland Under 21
A685 Brooke Abbey Canada Attending
A850 Paul Abell U.S.A. Attending
A742 Lars Adler Germany Attending
A178 Johan Ahlander Sweden Attending
A840 Alan United Kingdom Attending
A664 Bruce Albrecht U.S.A. Attending
A665 Ann Albrecht U.S.A. Attending
A51 Ali Ireland Attending
A217 Robert Alivojuodić Croatia Attending
A941 All the Diodes on my left side hurt Ireland Attending
A632 James Allen U.S.A. Attending
A1,074 Stephen Allen Ireland Attending
A417 Alytha Luxembourg Attending
A430 Anarya Poland Attending
A1009 Eric Anderson U.S.A. Attending
U1029 ANDREW Ireland Under 21
A651 Młynarz Andrzej Poland Attending
S86 Angie United Kingdom Supporting
A372 Johan Anglemark Sweden Attending
A373 Linnéa Anglemark Sweden Attending
C35 Anna Ireland Attending
A748 Annie Australia Attending
A122 Antiqueight Ireland Attending
A1,034 Aoife Ireland Under 21
A1049 Aoife Hughes Ireland Attending
A731 Johanna Appelberg Sweden Attending
A763 Arabel Ireland Attending
A924 Arakhe United Kingdom Attending
A223 Amouk Arnal France Attending
A535 Anouk Arnal France Attending
A790 Thomas Årnfelt Sweden Attending
A1,057 Atheana U.S.A. Attending
A581 Juha Autero Finland Attending
A225 Mika Autio Finland Attending
A440 Christopher Baar U.S.A. Attending
A599 Karen Babcock U.S.A. Attending
A1,075 Lydia Babel Ireland Attending
A778 Scratch Bacharach U.S.A. Attending
A64 James Bacon United Kingdom Attending
A246 Margene S. Bahn U.S.A. Attending
A882 Miroslaw Baran Ireland Attending
A641 Sue Ann Barber Australia Attending
A503 Thomas Barnes U.S.A. Attending
A705 Edmond Barrett Ireland Attending
A597 Aidan Barron Ireland Attending
A1010 Barry Ireland Attending
U783 Josh Barry Canada under 21
U932 Stephen Barry Ireland Under 21
A1020 Lor Barry Ireland Under 21
S141 Bruno Batista Ireland Supporting
A427 Liz Batty United Kingdom Attending
A133 Kurt Baty U.S.A. Attending
A397 Markus Bayr Austria Attending
A299 Covert Beach U.S.A. Attending
S61 Brendan Beasley Ireland Supporting
A954 Alan Beattie Ireland Attending
A247 Tom Becker U.S.A. Attending
A625 Frank Beckers Belgium Attending
A766 Arno Behrend Germany Attending
A767 Gabriele Behrend Germany Attending
A1,046 Bell Ireland Attending
S157 Doug Bell United Kingdom Supporting
A1018 Conor Bergin Ireland Under 21
A983 Bernie Ireland Attending
A228 Chris Berry Canada Attending
A699 Joshua Bilmes U.S.A. Attending
A286 Gary S. Blog U.S.A. Attending
A1,061 Piotr Blumczynski United Kingdom Attending
A296 Scott L. Bobo U.S.A. Attending
A645 Ralf Boldt Germany Attending
A198 Vesna Bolfek Croatia Attending
A967 Bon Ireland Attending
S660 Claudio Bottaccini Italy Supporting
A311 Stephen Boucher Australia Attending
A582 Morva Bowman Canada Attending
A1024 Rian Boyle Ireland Under 21
A629 Eamon Bradley United Kingdom Attending
A662 Debbie Bretschneider U.S.A. Attending
A663 Ric Bretschneider U.S.A. Attending
U668 Bríanán Ireland Under 21
A969 Bromozel Russia Attending
A62 James Brophy Ireland Attending
A1021 Jack Brophy Ireland Under 21
A543 Kenneth D. Brown U.S.A. Attending
A818 Vernon Brown United Kingdom Attending
A819 Pat Brown United Kingdom Attending
A413 Danilo Brozovic Croatia Attending
A88 Logan Bruce United Kingdom Attending
A351 Bruce Stanley Burdick U.S.A. Attending
A439 Craig Buchanan New Zealand Attending
A154 Warren Buff U.S.A. Attending
A745 Sara Buggy Ireland Attending
A229 Petra Bulic Croatia Attending
A364 Margaret Bumby U.S.A. Attending
A292 Pamela Burr U.S.A. Attending
A488 Tasha Cady U.S.A. Attending
A489 Chuck Cady U.S.A. Attending
A628 David Cake Australia Attending
A851 candy Ireland Attending
A149 Captain Lucy United Kingdom Attending
A937 Captain Poon Ireland Attending
A938 Captor of Souls Ireland Attending
A979 Seán Carabini Ireland Attending
A893 Cecilia Carelse Ireland Attending
A540 Avril Carey Ireland Attending
A541 Sean Carey Ireland Attending
A508 Susan Carlson U.S.A. Attending
A959 Carmel Israel Attending
A1,040 Caroline Ireland Attending
A1050 Brian Carroll Ireland Attending
U558 Helen Casey Ireland Under 21
A533 CasPire Ireland Attending
A1015 Ruth Cassidy Spain Attending
A284 Norman Cates New Zealand Attending
U648 Celaine South Africa Under 21
S146 Irish Writers' Centre Ireland Supporting
A432 Chani Poland Supporting
A448 Frank Chick United Kingdom Attending
A459 Chicken Wing Princess Ireland Under 21
A677 Piotr W. Cholewa Poland Attending
A355 Debi Chowdhury U.S.A. Attending
U915 Chris Ireland Under 21
A429 Leszek Ciesielski Poland Attending
A438 Janusz Mikolaj Ciesielski Poland Attending
A958 Einat Citron Israel Attending
A1026 David Clark U.S.A. Attending
A642 Trevor Clark Australia Attending
A830 Lisa Clarke United Kingdom Attending
A761 Don Clary - Wizard - Evil Antagonist U.S.A. Attending
A751 Laura Clay United Kingdom Attending
A752 Peter Clay United Kingdom Attending
A940 Cloth Wizard Ireland Attending
A913 Vincent Clowney U.S.A. Attending
A601 Rich Coad U.S.A. Attending
A661 Eddie Cochrane United Kingdom Attending
A787 Lawerence Cohan U.S.A. Attending
A788 Barbara Cohan U.S.A. Attending
S330 Larry Cole U.S.A. Supporting
A620 Colette United Kingdom Attending
A1,066 Aonghus Collins Ireland Attending
A1,067 Claire Collins Ireland Attending
A456 Ryan Compbell Ireland Under 21
A449 Emer Condit Ireland Attending
A481 Tina Connell U.S.A. Attending
A482 Byron P. Connell U.S.A. Attending
A786 Susan E. Connolly Ireland Attending
A855 Pat Conroy Ireland Attending
A518 Paul Cook U.S.A. Attending
A464 Robin Cookson U.S.A. Attending
S127 Steve Cooper United Kingdom Supporting
A807 Mark Corrigan Ireland Attending
A550 corriganjc Ireland Attending
A762 James Cossaboon U.S.A. Attending
A890 Eoghan Cowan Ireland Attending
A779 John Coxon United Kingdom Attending
A600 Craig Australia Attending
A446 Christine Crawshaw Australia Attending
A1,045 Elaine Crehan Ireland Attending
A164 Tomas Cronholm Sweden Attending
A626 Margareta Cronholm Sweden Attending
A813 Wesley Crowell U.S.A. Attending
A814 Dr. Mary Crowell U.S.A. Attending
U815 Simon "Dingo" Crowell U.S.A. Under 21
A261 Janet R. Cruickshank U.S.A. Attending
A775 Wendy Cruttenden United Kingdom Attending
A603 Alejo Cuervo Spain Attending
S52 David Cuhelan Ireland Supporting
A709 Deirdre Culhane Ireland Attending
A347 Mary Catelynn Cunningham U.S.A. Attending
A949 Robert Curley Ireland Attending
A837 Robert Curt U.S.A. Attending
S138 Ray Cyrus U.S.A. Supporting
U561 Dáire K Ireland Under 21
A772 Daria "Ruda" Poland Attending
A305 Joni Brill Dashoff U.S.A. Attending
A1,070 Rana Dave Ireland Attending
A950 Dave Keeshan Ireland Attending
A193 David U United Kingdom Attending
S85 Glenn Davidson United Kingdom Supporting
A918 Aaron Davies U.S.A. Attending
A744 Christopher K Davis U.S.A. Attending
A390 Alexandra Davydova Russia Attending
A375 DC United Kingdom Attending
A175 Peter De Weerdt Belgium Attending
A653 Steve Dean United Kingdom Attending
A216 Ivana Delač Croatia Attending
U817 Aaron Delmer Ireland Under 21
A739 Linda Deneroff U.S.A. Attending
S156 Theresa Derwin United Kingdom Supporting
A877 Vincent Devine Ireland Attending
S324 Michael Devney U.S.A. Supporting
A291 John DeVoy U.S.A. Attending
A460 Dean Dierschow U.S.A. Attending
A183 Kylie Ding Australia Attending
U184 Norah Ding Australia Under 21
A95 Vincent Docherty Netherlands Attending
A411 Eugene Doherty United Kingdom Attending
S358 Joan Ruland Donnelly U.S.A. Supporting
S359 Mark Donnelly U.S.A. Supporting
A366 Paul Dormer United Kingdom Attending
A242 Michelle Doty U.S.A. Attending
U784 Taylor Doucette Canada under 21
A585 Cheri Douglass U.S.A. Attending
A586 John Douglass U.S.A. Attending
S159 Joe Doyle Ireland Supporting
A265 Christine Doyle U.S.A. Attending
A1,043 Drake Ireland Attending
A385 Michelle Drew United Kingdom Attending
A290 Douglas E Drummond U.S.A. Attending
A478 Douglas Drummond U.S.A. Attending
A272 P. G. Dudda Germany Attending
A723 Dulchie Ireland Attending
A190 Nela Dunato Croatia Attending
A509 Bryant Durrell U.S.A. Attending
A823 Katie Dutta Ireland Attending
A282 Chris E. Duval U.S.A. Attending
A283 Kathryn Duval U.S.A. Attending
A274 Cindy Dye U.S.A. Attending
A379 Sue Edwards United Kingdom Attending
A588 John Eggeling United Kingdom Attending
A504 Jay Eichelberger U.S.A. Attending
A163 Bojan Eksetenski Slovenia Attending
A546 Elin Norway Attending
A999 Elisabetta Elisabetta Ireland Attending
A544 Ellen D. - KA2TKH U.S.A. Attending
A312 Russ Elliott U.S.A. Attending
S100 Jonathan Ely United Kingdom Supporting
A747 Emma England Ireland Attending
A252 Jan Van't Ent Netherlands Attending
A1005 Evangeline Ireland Attending
A466 Julie Evans U.S.A. Attending
A948 Eve-Marie Power Ireland Attending
A501 Nick Faller U.S.A. Attending
A121 Pat Fanning Ireland Attending
A120 David C Farmer U.S.A. Attending
A832 Russell B. Farr Australia Attending
A1,076 Tracey Farrelly Ireland Attending
A1048 Fearghal M Ireland Attending
U552 Joanne Fennel Ireland Under 21
A96 Feòrag United Kingdom Attending
A838 Tommy Ferguson United Kingdom Attending
A604 Charo Fernandez Spain Attending
A1032 Francisco Fernandez Spain Attending
A961 Luke Field Ireland Attending
A326 Edward Finneran U.S.A. Attending
A637 Fiona Ireland Attending
S130 Fire Boy U.S.A. Supporting
A516 Naomi Fisher U.S.A. Attending
A679 R. Dennis Fithen U.S.A. Attending
U587 Grace Fitzpatrick Ireland Under 21
S92 Flick United Kingdom Supporting
U920 Cillian Flood Ireland Under 21
A287 Leadie Jo Flowers U.S.A. Attending
A573 Fona Ireland Attending
A870 Terry Fong Canada Attending
A897 Forrest U.S.A. Attending
A498 Adrienne Foster U.S.A. Attending
A579 Fran Ireland Attending
A294 Steve Francis U.S.A. Attending
A295 Sue Francis U.S.A. Attending
A678 Karin L. Frank U.S.A. Attending
A182 Frank Roger Belgium Attending
A1,056 Peta Freestone United Kingdom Attending
A670 Johan Frick Sweden Attending
A960 Naama Friedman Israel Attending
A361 James Fulkerson U.S.A. Attending
U792 Max Fursman Ireland under 21
S671 David Gallaher U.S.A. Supporting
A757 Maxwell Garrison Canada Attending
A758 Linda Garrison Canada Attending
A794 Garth Cremona Ireland Attending
A293 Helen E Gbala U.S.A. Attending
A477 Tayonan Gbala U.S.A. Attending
A479 Helen Gbala U.S.A. Attending
A310 Janice Gelb Australia Attending
A221 Bormand Georgei France Attending
A676 Ela Gepfert Poland Attending
A611 Chris Gerrib U.S.A. Attending
A962 Pierre Gévart France Attending
A963 Nicole Gévart France Attending
A737 Thomas Giese U.S.A. Attending
A734 Sheila Gilbert U.S.A. Attending
U738 Alyson Gill U.S.A. Under 21
A531 Charles Gillanders Ireland Attending
A530 Laura Anne Gilman U.S.A. Attending
A260 Margaret Glassner U.S.A. Attending
A689 Craig Glassner U.S.A. Attending
A690 Marsha Glassner U.S.A. Attending
S327 Glenn Glazer U.S.A. Supporting
A860 Anne Glennon Ireland Attending
A986 Jean Goddin U.S.A. Attending
A987 Jean Goddin U.S.A. Attending
A285 Cenk Gokce Canada Attending
A485 Diane Goldman U.S.A. Attending
A387 Alexander A. Goliuson Russia Attending
A134 Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf Sweden Attending
U980 Gráinne Ireland Under 21
A239 Mirko Grdinić Croatia Attending
A791 Siobhan Greaney Ireland Attending
A348 Cathy Green U.S.A. Attending
A309 Tim Griffin U.S.A. Attending
A956 Kathleen Griffiths Australia Attending
A211 Marina Gršković Croatia Attending
A367 Gryphon Channel Islands Attending
A923 Kaja Grzegorczyn United Kingdom Attending
A831 Liz Grzyb Australia Attending
A402 David Gullen United Kingdom Attending
A547 Derek Gunn Ireland Attending
A728 Gunnar Roxen United Kingdom Attending
A59 Urban Gunnarsson Sweden Attending
A1007 Andrius Guzaitis Lithuania Attending
A616 Gwen Nicodemus U.S.A. Attending
A966 Tony Haber U.S.A. Attending
A210 Slobodan Hajdin Croatia Attending
A1031 Hanna Hakkarainen Finland Attending
A749 Jukka Halme Finland Attending
A189 T.J. Hämäläinen Finland Attending
U90 Alice Hamman Ireland Under 21
C23 Caitriona Hamman Ireland Attending
A911 Tom Hanlon U.S.A. Attending
A237 Brigitte Hansen Germany Attending
A371 Harpal United Kingdom Attending
A519 Clay Harris U.S.A. Attending
A862 David Hartwell U.S.A. Attending
U863 Peter H.C. Hartwell U.S.A. Under 21
A953 Martin Hayes Ireland Attending
A903 Anders Hedenlund Sweden Attending
A520 Helen United Kingdom Attending
A1,037 Helvick Ireland Attending
A753 Jack Heneghan U.S.A. Attending
A989 Chris Hensley U.S.A. Attending
A726 Anna Hepworth Australia Attending
A333 Herman Norway Attending
A1012 Caroline Hernon Ireland Attending
A759 Allison Hershey U.S.A. Attending
A507 Kevin B. Hewett U.S.A. Attending
A773 Alice Hidenlund Sweden Attending
A1017 Aisling Higgins Ireland Attending
U517 Nicholas Hipp U.S.A. Under 21
A422 Nives Hlubna Croatia Attending
C26 Martin Hoare United Kingdom Attending
A408 Merav Hoffman U.S.A. Attending
U567 Aoife Hogan Ireland Under 21
A406 Caroline Hooton United Kingdom Attending
A994 Helen Hopley United Kingdom Attending
A110 Matthias Horn Ireland Attending
A362 Katherine Horning U.S.A. Attending
A108 Adrian Horsman United Kingdom Attending
A398 Nina Horvath Austria Attending
A214 Martilia Hreljak Croatia Attending
A841 Shirley Huang U.S.A. Attending
A380 Crystal Huff U.S.A. Attending
A306 David Hurst Canada Attending
A57 Malcolm Hutchinson United Kingdom Attending
A821 Ellie Hutchinson United Kingdom Attending
A622 Hypatia Poland Attending
A715 Ia U.S.A. Attending
A1022 ickle tayto Ireland Attending
A722 Ingvar United Kingdom Attending
A774 Olle Jacobson Sweden Attending
A652 Michal Jakuszewski Poland Attending
A232 Tatjana Jambriśak Croatia Attending
A249 Simon David James United Kingdom Attending
A776 Edward James United Kingdom Attending
A638 Benedykt Jaworski Poland Attending
U904 Jay Conroy Ireland Under 21
A202 Jean Jerko Cukrov Croatia Attending
A894 Jean M Ireland Attending
A968 Jen Power Ireland Attending
U906 Jenny Linder Norway Attending
A302 Ingrid Johnson U.S.A. Attending
A1,071 Sarah Johnson Ireland Attending
A511 Joshua Joshua U.S.A. Attending
A857 Judy Bemis U.S.A. Attending
A925 Gregor Jungheim Germany Attending
A608 Jürgen Lautner Germany Attending
A654 Just Jerry U.S.A. Attending
S119 Maria Kabaera Russia Supporting
A83 Frank Kalisz U.S.A. Attending
A84 Millie Kalisz U.S.A. Attending
A702 Nick Kanas U.S.A. Attending
A703 Carolynn Kanas U.S.A. Attending
A192 Mirko Karas Croatia Attending
A263 Jordin Kare U.S.A. Attending
A264 Mary Kay Kare U.S.A. Attending
A900 Kari Sperring United Kingdom Attending
A409 Terry Karney U.S.A. Attending
A435 Gwendolyn Karpierz U.S.A. Attending
A370 Kate United Kingdom Attending
A712 Amie Kaufman Australia Attending
C22 Gareth Kavanagh Ireland Attending
U921 Richard Kavanagh Ireland Under 21
A457 Jordan-Ann Kearns Ireland Under 21
A525 Morris Keesan U.S.A. Attending
A54 Philip Kehoe Ireland Attending
A693 Lorna Keith U.S.A. Attending
A694 Gregory Keith U.S.A. Attending
A227 David Kelećić Croatia Attending
A447 Jerry Kelleher Ireland Attending
A978 Barry Kelly Ireland Attending
A548 Kathleen Kemp Canada Attending
A977 Ken Mackenzie United Kingdom Attending
A876 Patricia Kennon Ireland Attending
U551 Nicola Keohane Ireland Under 21
A687 Helena Kiel Sweden Attending
A365 Peter Kievits Netherlands Attending
S99 Emma J King United Kingdom Supporting
A1,068 Amy King Ireland Attending
A1,058 Kiristani U.S.A. Attending
A1,035 Doreen Kirker Ireland Attending
A425 Marcin 'Alqua' Klak Poland Attending
A209 Iva Kleiner Croatia Attending
S490 Bryan Knight U.S.A. Supporting
A1,059 Oleg Kolesnikov Russia Attending
A1,060 Yulia Kolesnikova Russia Attending
A391 Dmitriy Kolodan Russia Attending
A386 Kons Russia Attending
U559 Koschei Ireland Under 21
A824 Ron Kotkieicz United Kingdom Attending
A195 Kinga Kowalewska Poland Attending
A405 Gabriel Krabbe Ireland Attending
A203 Strumf/Ivan Kranjčevic Croatia Attending
A415 Gérard Kraus Luxembourg Attending
A513 Brad Krentz U.S.A. Attending
A537 Christian Krützfeldt Germany Attending
A929 Serhiy Krykun Ukraine Attending
A244 Christopher Kuan Australia Attending
A165 Matthias Kunkel Germany Attending
A215 Vesna Kurilić Croatia Attending
A431 Kwisatz Poland Supporting
A199 Saija Kyllönen Finland Attending
A389 Ganna Kytaieva Ukraine Attending
A354 Diane Lacey Canada Attending
A990 Lada Ireland Attending
A688 Veikko Laeslehto Finland Attending
A529 K. A. Laity United Kingdom Attending
A186 Dave Lally Ireland Attending
A741 K.J. Lane Ireland Attending
A437 Nick Larter Ireland Attending
A469 Bill Laubenheimer U.S.A. Attending
A55 Steve Lawson United Kingdom Attending
A56 Alice Lawson United Kingdom Attending
A1,052 Lynn Leavy Ireland Attending
S321 Fragano Ledgister United Kingdom Supporting
A79 Ted Lee Ireland Attending
U412 Henry Lee Ireland Under 21
A975 Paul Lehman U.S.A. Attending
A976 Kathryn Lehman U.S.A. Attending
A874 Leigh Bardugo U.S.A. Attending
A407 Jonathan Lennox U.S.A. Attending
A147 Leonia Ireland Attending
A334 Suford Lewis U.S.A. Attending
A335 Anthony Lewis U.S.A. Attending
U917 Chenge Li China Under 21
A1016 Liam Spain Under 21
A277 Ruth Lichtwardt U.S.A. Attending
S70 Lilsisorcha Ireland Supporting
A631 Mikaela Lind Sweden Attending
A666 Mark Linneman U.S.A. Attending
S135 Jesi Lipp U.S.A. Supporting
A212 Vladivoj Lisica Croatia Attending
S94 Rachael Livermore United Kingdom Supporting
A655 Liz U.S.A. Attending
A458 Liz the Oreo Queen Ireland Under 21
A248 Lizzit U.S.A. Attending
A112 Ruth Frances Long Ireland Attending
U1047 Greg Long Ireland Under 21
A233 Tamara Jambriśak Lopac Croatia Attending
A235 Gaj Zvonimir Lopac Croatia under 21
A253 Steven Lopata U.S.A. Attending
A254 Frances Lopata U.S.A. Attending
A491 Steven Lopata U.S.A. Attending
A492 Frances Lopata U.S.A. Attending
U692 Mateusz Lubecki Ireland Under 21
S87 LugaJetBoyGirl U.S.A. Supporting
A847 Lumie Ireland Attending
A495 Perrianne Lurie U.S.A. Attending
A521 Bradford Lyau U.S.A. Attending
A234 Darko Macan Croatia Attending
A378 Cristina Macía Spain Attending
A736 Thomas MacLaney U.S.A. Attending
A144 Mad Mark United Kingdom Attending
A943 Maestra of Disguise Ireland Attending
U649 Maeve Ireland Under 21
U560 Maggy Ireland Under 21
A288 Laurie Mann U.S.A. Attending
A289 Jim Mann U.S.A. Attending
A589 Judith Mansfield United Kingdom Attending
A1,044 Mao's Bitch Ireland Attending
A461 Kathy Mar U.S.A. Attending
A421 Paul Mara Ireland Attending
A760 Margaret Australia Attending
A878 Margaret Ireland Attending
A1008 Markas Lithuania Under 21
A782 Martin United Kingdom Attending
A317 George RR Martin U.S.A. Attending
U562 Cliona Martin Ireland Under 21
A166 Eckhlard Marwitz Germany Attending
A170 Maryna Komissarenko Ukraine Attending
A594 Jürgen G. Marzi Marzi Germany Attending
A197 Zlatko Mašek Croatia Attending
A388 Boris A. Mashkoutsev Russia Attending
A957 Matt Australia Attending
A991 Matthew Ireland Attending
A639 Pawel Matuszak Poland Attending
A502 Karin May U.S.A. Attending
A697 Marlin May U.S.A. Attending
A316 Parris McBride U.S.A. Attending
A836 Ellen McDermot Ireland Attending
S111 Martin McDonagh Ireland Supporting
A700 Clare McDonald-Sims Australia Attending
A849 Marion McDowell United Kingdom Attending
A845 Zoe McEleney Ireland Attending
A846 Hugh McEleney Ireland Attending
A684 Gerry McEvoy Ireland Attending
A404 Margaret McGaley Ireland Attending
A633 Oisin McGann Ireland Attending
A250 Bill McGeachin U.S.A. Attending
A1011 David McGlynn Ireland Attending
A565 Dave McGowan Ireland Attending
A1,069 Matty McGrath Ireland Attending
A50 Maura McHugh Ireland Attending
S140 Juliet E McKenna United Kingdom Supporting
A627 Karen McKenna Australia Attending
C30 Alissa McKersie U.S.A. Supporting
S132 Joe McKersie U.S.A. Supporting
A1,033 Brendan McMahon Ireland Attending
S322 Mark McMenamin U.S.A. Supporting
S97 Rita Medany United Kingdom Supporting
A1004 Meg Ireland Attending
A861 Meg MacDonald United Kingdom Attending
A781 Melica United Kingdom Attending
A399 Melissa U.S.A. Attending
A526 Lori Meltzer U.S.A. Attending
A527 Joseph Meltzer U.S.A. Attending
A777 Farah Mendlesohn United Kingdom Attending
A356 Sandra Meskys U.S.A. Attending
A357 Edmund R Meskys U.S.A. Attending
U624 Katarzyna Mielecka Poland Under 21
U563 Pola Mikolajczak Poland Under 21
A614 Pola Mikołajczak Poland Under 21
U556 Minakel Poland Under 21
A974 Mira Poland Attending
A1013 Miss Kitty Fantastico Ireland Attending
A483 Patrick Molloy U.S.A. Attending
U484 Grace Molloy U.S.A. Under 21
A72 Mollydot Ireland Attending
A270 Mary Ellen Moore Canada Attending
A271 Murray Moore Canada Attending
U859 Claire Moran Ireland Under 21
A972 Lynn Moran Ireland Attending
A68 Cheryl Morgan United Kingdom Attending
S106 Erling Mork Norway Supporting
A160 Kendall F. Morris U.S.A. Attending
A257 Ann Morris U.S.A. Attending
A590 Miriam Moss United Kingdom Attending
A944 Mr. Dirk Ireland Attending
A75 Thomas Mulhall Ireland Attending
A76 Matt Mulhall Ireland Attending
A278 Don Mull U.S.A. Attending
A1002 Steve Munster Canada Attending
A78 Catie Murphy Ireland Attending
A273 Deirdre M. Murphy Murphy U.S.A. Attending
A381 Cara Murphy United Kingdom Attending
A384 David Murphy Ireland Attending
A493 James J. Murray U.S.A. Attending
A494 Paula Helm Murray U.S.A. Attending
A607 Nacho Agulĺó Spain Attending
A341 Tony N United Kingdom Attending
A454 Tom Nanson United Kingdom Attending
A650 Młynarz Natalia Poland Attending
A1,041 Natasha Ireland Attending
A771 Nataszka Poland Attending
A393 Mikhail Nazarenko Ukraine Attending
A955 Neal Australia Attending
A383 Bob Neilson Ireland Attending
A691 Nell Jenda Ireland Attending
A267 Stephen Nelson U.S.A. Attending
A549 Brigitte Nelson Ireland Attending
U647 Niamh Ireland Under 21
A615 Leon Nicodemus U.S.A. Attending
A617 Anna Nicodemus U.S.A. Under 21
A618 Quinn Nicodemus U.S.A. Under 21
A369 Nicolai United Kingdom Attending
S107 Eric Nieudan France Supporting
A928 Gunnar Nilsson Sweden Attending
A875 Nina Douglas United Kingdom Attending
C21 Brian Nisbet Ireland Attending
S113 Nodis Germany Supporting
A822 Val Nolan United Kingdom Attending
A472 Gerald D. Nordley U.S.A. Attending
U124 Not Jack Ireland Under 21
A126 Peadar Ó Guilín Ireland Attending
C24 Roderick O Hanlon Ireland Attending
U568 Kathy Ó Loingsigh Ireland Under 21
S67 Pádraig Ó Méalóid Ireland Supporting
A60 Mick O' Connor Ireland Attending
A743 Fionna O' Sullivan Ireland Attending
A951 Ulrika O'Brien U.S.A. Attending
A952 Hal O'Brien U.S.A. Attending
S148 Name withheld Ireland Supporting
A1,072 Beth O'Dowd Ireland Attending
S570 Colin O'Hagan Ireland supporting
A268 John O'Halloran U.S.A. Attending
A269 Christina O'Halloran U.S.A. Attending
A152 Kate O'Hanlon Ireland Attending
A630 Colleen O'Kane United Kingdom Attending
A344 Paul O'Shea Ireland Attending
A471 Brian Martinez Oldham U.S.A. Attending
A436 Olga Belarus Attending
A497 Gene Olmsted U.S.A. Attending
A985 Orsi Hungary Attending
A1,038 Roman Orszanski Australia Attending
A656 Oxymoron Poland Attending
A574 P*13itchgirl Ireland Attending
A510 Lisa Padol U.S.A. Attending
A843 Padraig Ireland Attending
A349 John Page U.S.A. Attending
A350 Kristin Page U.S.A. Attending
A172 Sergii Paltsun Ukraine Attending
A303 Michael Pargman Sweden Attending
A468 Carole I. Parker U.S.A. Attending
A353 Dennis Parslow U.S.A. Attending
A185 Ducommun Pascal Switzerland Attending
A865 Pat Ireland Attending
A714 Pat U.S.A. Attending
A496 Sara Paul U.S.A. Attending
A168 Peter Pavelko Czech Republic Attending
A114 Irina Pchelintseva Russia Attending
A919 Pebbles Ireland Attending
A201 Jasminka Cindrić Perković Croatia Attending
A218 Mihaela Marda Perković Croatia Attending
A266 Dalibor Perković Croatia Attending
A245 Kelly Persons U.S.A. Attending
A524 Tommy Persson Sweden Attending
A528 Peter G Ireland Attending
A499 Lincoln Peters U.S.A. Attending
A117 Yana Petrova Russia Attending
A901 Phil Nanson United Kingdom Attending
A538 Joel Phillips U.S.A. Attending
U539 Alec Phillips U.S.A. Under 21
A770 PiBis Poland Attending
A222 Eric Picholle France Attending
S536 Eric Picholle France supporting
A304 Sharon Pierce U.S.A. Attending
A179 Gevart Pierre France Attending
A621 Raija Pietilä Finland Attending
A754 Zbigniew Pietrzyk Poland Attending
A301 Michael Pins U.S.A. Attending
A313 Johannah Playford United Kingdom Attending
A410 Kirill Pleshkov Russia Attending
A683 Gary L. Plumlee U.S.A. Attending
A867 Gillian Polack Australia Attending
A583 Alan Pollard Canada Attending
U852 POPO Ireland Under 21
A572 Anabel Portillo Spain Attending
A176 Sorcha Power Ireland Attending
A713 Leigh Power Ireland Attending
A812 Ian Paul Power Ireland Attending
A864 Alex Pragnell Australia Attending
S69 Mike Prendergast Ireland Supporting
A669 PRK Australia Attending
A1065 Liam Proven Czech Republic Attending
A675 Malgorzata Pudlik Poland Attending
A224 Igor Puhar Croatia Attending
A352 Karen Purcell U.S.A. Attending
A927 Simone Puterman South Africa Attending
A945 Queen of Plush Ireland Attending
U554 Alison Quirke Ireland Under 21
A416 Rachel Australia Attending
A912 Rachel E. Holmen U.S.A. Attending
A173 Klaudige Radanović Croatia Attending
A194 Rajka Croatia Attending
A236 Irena Rašeta Croatia Attending
A842 Richard Ray U.S.A. Attending
A1023 Nikola Raykov Bulgaria Attending
A424 Sharon Reamer Germany Attending
A167   Germany Attending
A180 Peter Redfarn United Kingdom Attending
A462 Robin Reed U.S.A. Attending
A895 Regina Kanyu Wang China Attending
A995 Rempek Germany Attending
A418 Anders Reuterswärd Sweden Attending
A109 Reverend Speed Ireland Attending
A575 Reverend Speed Ireland Attending
A532 Richard Australia Attending
A346 Mark W. Richards U.S.A. Attending
U646 Ro Ireland Under 21
A323 Emma Roberts Australia Attending
A993 Martin Roberts United Kingdom Attending
A428 Tim Roberts Australia Attending
A534 Linda Robinett U.S.A. Attending
A450 Geraldine Robinson Ireland Attending
A308 Kevin Roche U.S.A. Attending
A451 Ruairi Roddy Ireland Attending
A930 Anastasiia Rogoza Ukraine Attending
A396 Leena Romppainen Finland Attending
A53 Rory Ireland Supporting
A584 Richard Roszko U.S.A. Attending
A835 Johnny Rothwell Ireland Attending
A839 Stephen Rothwell Ireland Attending
A256 William Rowe U.S.A. Attending
A374 Marcus Rowland United Kingdom Attending
A729 Hannah Rowlands United Kingdom Attending
A971 Ann Marie Rudolph U.S.A. Attending
A868 Karen Ryan Ireland Attending
S142 Philippa Ryder Ireland Supporting
S143 Helen Ryder Ireland Supporting
A909 Mark Rynne Ireland Attending
U910 Benjamin Rynne Ireland Under 21
A205 Jelena Šaban Croatia Attending
A934 Magne Sagvolden Norway Attending
A740 Sakuya United Kingdom Attending
A698 Ron Salomon U.S.A. Attending
A434 SAMK U.S.A. Attending
A423 Ernest Sanders Croatia Attending
A433 Sandy U.S.A. Attending
U542 Saoirse Ireland Under 21
A259 Eric Sayle U.S.A. Attending
A657 Sam Scheiner U.S.A. Attending
A658 Judy Scheiner U.S.A. Attending
A444 Dr. Martin Schneider Germany Attending
A480 Gene Schneider U.S.A. Attending
A869 Sky Schneider U.S.A. Attending
S672 Spring Schoenhuth U.S.A. Supporting
A798 Bob Schwier U.S.A. Attending
A73 SciamAnna Ireland Attending
S93 Mike Scott United Kingdom Supporting
A942 Seam Mage Ireland Attending
A300 Seanara Coyote U.S.A. Attending
A255 Teri N. Sears U.S.A. Attending
A403 Gale Sebold United Kingdom Attending
A262 Kate Secor U.S.A. Attending
A174 Ivan Sennikov Russia Attending
A226 Marija Serdar Croatia Attending
A445 Sabine Seyfarth Germany Attending
A580 shahruz Ireland Attending
U905 Niamh Shanahan Ireland Under 21
A1030 Shaoyan Hu Singapore Attending
A401 Catherine Sharp United Kingdom Attending
A118 Anna Shatalova Russia Attending
A871 Jannie Shea U.S.A. Attending
A733 Shell Ireland Attending
C29 Paul Sheridan Ireland Attending
A801 España Sheriff U.S.A. Attending
C31 Shevaun Frazier Ireland Attending
C20 James Shields Ireland Attending
A426 Paul Anthony Shortt Ireland Attending
C27 Brian J. Showers Ireland Attending
A337 Joe Siclari U.S.A. Attending
A701 Peter Sims Australia Attending
A486 David Singer U.S.A. Attending
A240 Nenad Šišović Croatia Attending
A853 Amy Sisson U.S.A. Attending
A441 Smiles U.S.A. Attending
A338 Tara Smith Canada Attending
A467 Marguerite Smith Ireland Attending
A947 Kevin Smyth Ireland Attending
A474 Rodney Somerstein U.S.A. Attending
A844 SoMK Canada Attending
A1001 Charissa Spencer U.S.A. Attending
A123 Spike U.S.A. Attending
A640 St.Szyszka Poland Attending
A82 Kevin Standlee U.S.A. Attending
A487 Maurine Starkey U.S.A. Attending
A1,039 Starlord Ireland Under 21
A789 Karina Steffens Ireland Attending
S65 Stefzilla United Kingdom Supporting
A1019 Stephen Stephen Ireland Attending
A58 Conor Stephens Ireland Attending
A102 Richard Stephenson United Kingdom Attending
A336 Edie Stern U.S.A. Attending
U553 Niamh Stevens Ireland Under 21
A476 Alan Stewart Australia Attending
A104 Billy Stirling United Kingdom Attending
A886 STOMP Ireland Attending
A887 STOMP Ireland Attending
A888 STOMP Ireland Attending
A889 STOMP Ireland Attending
A858 Erwin S Strauss U.S.A. Attending
S319 Lindalee Stuckey U.S.A. Supporting
A724 Subarusteve Ireland Attending
A704 Carlos Suchowolski Spain Attending
A276 Kathryn Sullivan U.S.A. Attending
A89 Joseph Supple U.S.A. Attending
A602 Susan Bartholomew United Kingdom Attending
A514 Brenda Sutton U.S.A. Attending
A514 Bill Sutton U.S.A. Attending
A230 Mårten Svantesson Sweden Attending
A169 Andrii Sydiuk Ukraine Attending
A171 Borys Sydiuk Ukraine Attending
A756 Michael J Synnott Ireland Attending
A833 Gabriella Szabo Ireland Attending
A592 Aleksandra Szpiegowska Poland Attending
A593 Tomasz Szpiegowski Poland Attending
S63 Name withheld Ireland Supporting
A984 Taki Hungary Attending
S578 Targh United Kingdom Supporting
A973 Kris Taylor United Kingdom Attending
U512 Teddy U.S.A. Under 21
A453 Teddy Teddy United Kingdom Attending
A686 Shay Telfer Australia Attending
C25 Sten Thaning Sweden Attending
A936 That wan from Aliens Ireland Attending
A914 Susan Thau U.S.A. Attending
A939 The Beardly Director Ireland Attending
A619 The Bellinghman United Kingdom Attending
A946 The Blue One Ireland Attending
A935 The Booziest of Producers Ireland Attending
A902 The North Beyond United Kingdom Attending
A898 Theresa Thornberry U.S.A. Attending
S360 W.A (Bill) Thompsson U.S.A. Supporting
A803 Adam Thorp Sweden Attending
A155 Geoffrey Thorpe United Kingdom Attending
A576 Tlanti United Kingdom Attending
A673 Ariane Tobin Ireland Attending
A674 John Tobin Ireland Attending
A926 Franz Tomasek South Africa Attending
A856 Tony Parker U.S.A. Attending
A965 ToriKh Australia Attending
A811 Cathal Travers Ireland Attending
A307 Andrew Trembley U.S.A. Attending
A191 Monika Tresk Croatia Attending
A1,042 Trillium Ireland Attending
A829 Loki Tsang United Kingdom Attending
A231 Ivo Turk Croatia Attending
A577 Heather Turnbull United Kingdom Attending
A981 Peter Tyers United Kingdom Attending
A825 Heather Urbanski U.S.A. Attending
A612 Mark Valentine United Kingdom Attending
A105 Tobes Valois Channel Islands Attending
A382 Larry Van Der Patte Netherlands Attending
A780 Larry Van Der Putte Netherlands Attending
A137 Paul Van Oven Netherlands Attending
A809 Ann VanderMeer U.S.A. Attending
A810 Jeff VanderMeer U.S.A. Attending
S139 Barbara VanTilburg U.S.A. Supporting
A725 Kendall Varnell U.S.A. Attending
A181 Olexandr Vasylkivsky Ukraine Attending
A764 John Vaughan Ireland Attending
A609 Carrie Vaughn U.S.A. Attending
A136 Leane Verhulst U.S.A. Attending
A394 Victoria Nazarenko Ukraine Attending
A243 Britt-Louise Viklund Sweden Attending
A571 Vince Ireland Attending
A207 Zoran Vlahavić Croatia Attending
A392 Volodymyr Arenev Ukraine Attending
A395 Ville Vuorela Finland Attending
A908 Wendell Wagner U.S.A. Attending
U623 Jessica Wajman Poland Under 21
A970 Davitt Waldron Ireland Attending
A177 Jim Walker United Kingdom Attending
A470 Dale B Walker U.S.A. Attending
A727 Jim Walker United Kingdom Attending
U555 Katie Wall Ireland Under 21
A153 Claudia Wallraf Germany Attending
S116 Deirdre Walsh Ireland Supporting
S131 Wammy U.S.A. Supporting
A377 Ian Watson Spain Attending
A885 Jay Watson Australia Attending
A933 Chris Watson Norway Attending
A465 Lawrence Watt-Evans U.S.A. Attending
A297 Lois Wellinghurst U.S.A. Attending
A298 Richard Wellinghurst U.S.A. Attending
A345 Linda Wenzelburger U.S.A. Attending
A71 Julian West Ireland Attending
A566 Julian West Ireland Attending
S98 Nik Whitehead United Kingdom Supporting
A797 Winona Whyte-Schwier U.S.A. Attending
S128 Wicked Witch U.S.A. Supporting
A363 Clark Wierda U.S.A. Attending
A473 Gayle Wiesner U.S.A. Attending
A145 Wife of Mad Mark United Kingdom Attending
A280 Kris Wildman U.S.A. Attending
A281 Jeff Wildman U.S.A. Attending
A188 Bridget Wilkinson United Kingdom Attending
A505 Karen M. Wilson Canada Attending
A506 Edward Buchan Wilson Canada Attending
U931 Witcher Stark Ireland Under 21
A443 Kai Wodicka U.S.A. Attending
A442 Jason Wodicka U.S.A. Attending
A475 Sally Woehrle U.S.A. Attending
A735 Elizabeth Wollheim U.S.A. Attending
S320 Ian Worrall United Kingdom Supporting
A400 wyvernfriend Ireland Attending
S129 Ya U.S.A. Supporting
A368 Ben Yalow U.S.A. Attending
A463 Kathryn Yeager U.S.A. Attending
A325 Janet Yelle U.S.A. Attending
A500 Jim Young U.S.A. Attending
S77 James Youngman Ireland Supporting
A834 Yves Meynard Canada Attending
A899 Yvonne Burke Ireland Attending
A854 Zack Israel Attending
A206 Branimir Zauner Croatia Attending
A208 Jelena-Kristina Željeznjak Croatia Attending
A522 Rich Zellich U.S.A. Attending
A523 Michelle Zellich U.S.A. Attending
A161 Timo Zenker Germany Attending
A1025 Zerkalo Spain Attending
S103 Liz Zitzow United Kingdom Supporting
A605 Michal Ziv Israel Attending
A606 Alon Ziv Israel Attending
A820 Dmitry Zlotnitsky Russia Attending
U564 Zouo Ireland Under 21