Mobility Access

From the Airport to the Hotel

There are several ways to get from the airport to the various hotels used by the convention. The easiest would be a Taxi, however the number of wheelchair accessible taxis is limited and there may not be one available at the airport.

Aircoach is a private bus company that runs several routes from the airport to the city centre. one route, the 700, runs directly from the airport to the hotel. This company is in the process of replacing all of their buses with wheelchair accessibility, and hope to have 60% of their coach fleet wheelchair accessible by the end of 2013.

Dublin Bus, also run routes from the airport to the city centre, but transfers would be need to get to the hotel, however the Dublin Bus Fleet is fully wheelchair accessible.

Within the hotel

The hotel has rooms that are designed for people with mobility issues, and if you are booking please mention that you need such a room in the space provided. The hotel has lifts to all floors. The convention is currently planning on using all of the space the hotel has on the ground floor. The convention space is fully wheelchair accessible. We intend to have space set aside within each panel room for people with mobility issues. Also where Stages are used there will be a ramp up to the stage.

Around Dublin Travel

All of the Trams and Train stations are wheelchair accessible, with lifts where needed, and with platforms and trains at the same height. Buses from Dublin Bus, which covers routes all across the city will have a ramp, and the bus can “Kneel” to lower itself for easier access. However the buses have only one space set aside for wheelchairs.

Dublin is a city with many old buildings not necessarily designed with modern accessibility standards in mind. However many efforts have been made over the years to bring many of these towards such a standard. It is probably worthwhile planning your trip to check if places you want to visit will have any access issues.

Sight and sound

We are also investigating how best to facilitate people with issues surrounding sight and hearing.

Dietary Restrictions


The hotels restaurants offer Vegetarian and Vegan offerings. They also offer Gluten Free food options. If you have any specific needs, please get in touch so that we can confirm details with the hotel.