Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll has been the bedrock of Irish Science fiction for over twenty years. As a fan, he has produced fanzines, run conventions, built websites, and has always been around to offer support and wise words to whoever needs them. He met his wife Leonia at the very first Irish National Convention, Octocon, in 1990, and they have attended every Octocon since. A mine of creative talent, Michael can always come up with a witty comment on any situation, write a serious and weighty article when needed, and can also turn his skills to stunning websites, amazing 3D images, and even some very addictive computer games. Although he has worked in fields as disparate as postman and computer programmer, it was almost inevitable that he would eventually pursue a career as a writer.

Michael has written numerous science fiction and fantasy novels (for both the Adult and Young Adult markets) and a series of romance novels under the pseudonym "Jaye Carroll" and, more recently, he has enjoyed considerable success and acclaim with his series of original superhero novels, The New Heroes (published as the Quantum Prophecy series in the USA).

But it is perhaps as a comic-book writer that Michael has become best known. He has written for John Higgins' Razorjack comics (and has also written a novel tie-in), and for Dynamite comics' Jennifer Blood. He is a life-long authority on 2000AD's flagship character Judge Dredd, and wrote extensively for 2000AD fanzines, the success of which led to him being selected to become the newest writer of Judge Dredd strips for both 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine: his Dredd tales are highly regarded by fans and critics alike. Recent work includes the Judge Dredd novella, The Cold Light of Day, and co-writing the award-winning fan film, Judge Minty.

As his friend and co-conspirator, John Higgins, puts it, "I think it is fortunate he is an SF writer of the first order because he obviously has a working time machine that only he understands how to use; how else could he give all those hours helping other people and still find time to write, create his CGI images and animation, play music and spend time with his soulmate Leonia? As a collaborator on my own creation Razorjack (of which he seems to know more about than I do) or on Judge Dredd, his ability to create believable characters, emotionally charged scenes and pure SF concepts of bravado imagination is astounding."