A note on Diversity Issues as part of Discussions at Shamrokon.

Fandom is wonderfully diverse both in how humanity is portrayed in genre and the people who love it.
We have made the decision to not separate out panels to focus on diversity issues, as we feel these issues are part of the general discourse and should be just part of the discussions.

Yes, this does raise concerns about panels being safer spaces to talk and share, but we want all our panels to be such spaces and are asking that our moderators take this in to consideration. From making sure that people get to contribute to the discussion and when panelists and contributions from the floor include diversity issues in the discussion, that this be given the space to happen.

Also we'd ask that Moderators please when selecting people to speak from the floor they describe what the person is wearing and where they are sitting, when calling on them to speak with out using gender as a descriptor as this can be problematic.


If you have not yet checked out our proposed programme you can find it here http://guide.shamrokon.ie/#