Why a membership and not a ticket?

Shamrokon uses a membership system, all European Scifi Conventions are run by Members for Members. So you are not just buying an entry ticket, you are becoming a member of the European scifi fandom, endorsing and funding Shamrokon to make it happen. Which means members get input to the process, from suggesting events and panels as well as being on panels; also newsletters with updates from the committee as to how things are going and what work we are doing on your behalf to make Shamrokon happen.

The European Scifi Convention moves country each year and the members (that's you that is, when you sign up) get to vote on where it is held. The groups who are hoping to win the bid to host the upcoming European scifi conventions will be making presentations over Shamrokon before the voting.


Membership costs

Weekend Membership costs €40 for those over the age of 21.

A weekend Concessionary rate of €30 is available for students, pensioners, and benefit qualified individuals. Proof will be required at the event, and concessionary status must apply during the event.

For those who are 21 or under on the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th of August 2014 weekend membership is €20. Membership for children under the age of 12 is free but they will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must be a Memberat all times during our event.

For more information on membership types & prices, please look at our Membership FAQ

Day rates

The convention day rates will only be available at the door of Shamrokon.

Day Rates Full price Concessionary
Friday €15 €10
Saturday €20 €15
Sunday €20 €15

How to join

We are no longer offering online Memberships. If you want to pick up a Day or Weekend membership they will be available at the convention door.