The Golden Blasters: Our first three Nominees

The Golden Blasters is the Annual Irish Genre Short Film Festival, it usually takes place at Octocon but this year is happening as part of Shamrokon.
The Film Festival's Director John Vaughan has sent us on the Nomineess and we will announce them over the coming week.

Over the next few days we are going to reveal the full line up of Nominees for this years Best Picture and Audience awards . Each nomination will include a brief synopsis and Festival Director John Vaughan will give some of  the reasons why the judges selected each film. These films will take you into the future be it five minutes or five hundred years, they will fill you with terror or make you feel hope , some will make you laugh , others may make you cry but all we guarantee will entertain  and so without further ado , here are your first three nominees for the 2014 Golden Blaster.

MALAISE : Writer/Director: Daniel Beaulieu

Synopsis: An abandoned corridor. The distant echo of fleeing footsteps. Orange shag carpet. MALAISE. 
With the entire crew lost to an unknowable entity, Kappa ,the sole survivor, makes a desperate break for the escape pods. As Past and present swirl together she fights for survival during the final moments of the  S. S. Carnicus. 


John Vaughan Says:

Director Daniel Beaulieu describes Malaise as "An exercise in tension and catharsis, this film is inspired by the classic science fiction works of Ridley Scott, Andrei Tarkovsky and Jean-Claude Forest." Well we have to agree and Daniel captures that tension perfectly with this our shortest film of this years awards. Visually stylish this is a film that shows the director is someone to look out for in the future.




THE HEEBIE JEEBIES: Writer/Director: Todd Slawsby


Synopsis: Finding a mysterious storybook, Liam convinces his mother to read it to him and his sister, Lyla. The book tells of 'The Heebie-Jeebies', ancient monsters rumored to appear in the night and drag children and their parents into their own nightmares. Sent to brush their teeth, the children tease each other, trying to convince themselves that the Heebie-Jeebies will come for their sibling and not for them. But, as they ready themselves for bed, the children will soon discover: something terrifying is under their beds...