The Golden Blasters. The Next Two Film nominations.

Love, perhaps the greatest emotion of all and these next two films although set in two totally different scenarios ask the same fundamental question "What would you be willing to do or sacrifice to return to the one you love?"


ADAGIO: Writer/Director: Christian Doran

Synopsis: A blood disease has broken out on a Pluto mining station. A man has to choose between his own life and the lives of others. What about the life of his lover?


John Vaughan says:

ADAGIO is an adaptation of the Robert A. Heinlein Story Sky Lift and is a fine one. Director Christian Doran through a series of flashbacks and framing captures the regret and determination of a pilot in a tiny cockpit who vows to return from what appears to be a suicide mission.


Steadfast Stanley Writer/Director John Kim

Synopsis:Stanley the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is left behind in the middle of an apocalypse. All he wants to do is get back to his owner…

John Vaughan says:

Our second animated entry, Steadfast Stanley is a unusual and original zombie film as it is seen completely through the eyes of a dog and is a deeply moving piece on the love and the loyalty whatever the situation between a boy and his dog.

Don't forget everyone who attends the Screening of the films at the Golden Blasters will get to vote on them.