The Golden Blasters futher Nominees.

The Golden Blasters: Our next two nominees

The mind , it can be deceptive in what it perceives and can also be deceived in its perceptions. Our next two nominated films ask of their protagonists a simple question "what is real? Is all life a hallucination and if it is a dream; what is there when it is time to wake up?" Both these film ask these questions in original and exciting ways.


ANAMNESIS: Writer/Director:Benjamin Goodger

Synopsis: Following the death of his girlfriend, a young scientist harnesses the properties of a recently discovered meteorite that allows him to revisit his memories. As his obsession drives him towards self-destruction, he starts to believe in the impossibility of a new beginning.

John Vaughan Says:

it is hard to believe this is a student film , Benjamin Goodgers assurance both as a Writer and Director is that of someone with far more experience with lead actor Mark Hawkins giving a superb performance as a man haunted by the past.


ON/OFF: Writer/Director: Thierry Lorenzi Synopsis: Meredith is an astronaut in high orbit above the Earth, while on a space walk she receives a mysterious voice message seconds before disaster strikes , a disaster which will leave Meredith struggling for her very humanity.

John Vaughan;

Visually this is simply one of the most beautiful films the Selection committee saw this year , with again a brilliant performance from both leads especially of lead actress Carole Brana capturing the fear and confusion as she struggles to survive but the question is survive what?

Join us later in the week when we announce the last (but by no means least) three nominations for this years competition , that go from an insurance report of a combat soldier in the far future to Australian environmental horror to a mysterious maze with it seems no beginning or end.