The Golden Blasters 2014 Best Screenplay Nominees.

The Golden Blasters 2014

Welcome to the fifth year of The National Irish Science Fiction Film Awards (The Golden Blasters) The only awards in Ireland dedicated to the art of the Short Film and Screenplay in the Genres of Science Fiction , Horror and Fantasy. It is a great honour to be hosted this year by Shamrokon , the European Science Fiction convention for 2014 and in celebration of that fact we will be unveiling our brand new awards ,these look so good that in the years to come these are the awards everyone is going to want to win. Over the next few days we will be revealing the films that make up this years nominee list and our festival director John Vaughan will be giving the selection panels reasons for picking these films and why you should consider each one for this years audience award (The Silver Blaster) because remember these are the awards where you the audience get to choose their favourite film as well.

So lets not wait a second longer, somebody call "ACTION!"...

The Golden Blasters 2014 Best Screenplay Nominees.

The Screenplay , the first and most important part to any film , in film school one of the first rules you are taught is "It's possible to make a bad movie from a great script but impossible to make a great movie from a bad script" . The ten screenplays selected are all great scripts , each one marked with the unique vision of their authors , each one offering us a unique story  be it the Boston of the 22nd century , a dying hero given one last shot at redemption to the problems the world faces when imaginary friends become real. 

The Nominees are....

The Almost Dead by Stanley B. Eisenhammer

The Anniversary by Justin Carr

Borders Of The Imagination By Benjamin A. Friedman

Frequency by Marios Christodoulou

A Tell Tale Heart By Stephen M. Hunt

Once A Hero By Neil Chase

Personal Mythology By Tracey Maye

Separation Anxiety by Craig Walendziak

The Tinwife By Travis Neufeld

ReSTART By Olga Osorio

 To each writer we congratulate them on getting this far and we wish them luck for the 24th of August when the winner will be announced. Be sure to come back later in the week when the first three nominees for best picture will be revealed.