Game of Thrones Programe in conjunction with Titancon.

We are pleased to announce our Games of Thrones track in conjunction with TitanCon.


Miltos Yerolemou ~ Syrio Forel

Miltos Yerolemou

Miltos Yerolemou is a Shakespearean trained actor based in London with an impressive list of theatre credits to his name including work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Globe Theatre. Until recently he only had a small amount of TV and film experience but in 2010 Miltos was cast in HBO's Game of Thrones as the elegant yet deadly sword master Syrio Forel. Syrio is hired by Eddard Stark to be Arya's instructor in the smooth Braavosi fencing style known as Water Dancing.

Most of his TV work prior to Game of Thrones was for the BBC including My Family, Black Books, Absolutely Fabulous, Hubub and Walking With Beasts where he played a Neanderthal. Miltos is an incredibly versatile and skilled actor with such diverse talents as Ballroom Dancing, Stage Combat, Stand-up Comic, Puppetry, Stilt Walking, Trapeze, ScubaDiving, Tai-Chi and of course Fencing.

Miltos will be taking part in the Game Of Thrones panels which can be found here.


Emma Andrews ~ Drapes department

Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews works in the drapes department on HBO's Game of Thrones. She graduated from the University of Ulster at Belfast 'Art College' in 2009 with a degree in fine and applied art where she specialised in textile art.

Emma started by making large exhibition pieces, wallhangings etc, but somehow her work got smaller and smaller over the years. Emma now specialises in jewellery and accessories working mainly in silks. Some of the techniques Emma uses include patchwork, quilting, embroidery and beading but with her own contemporary twist.

Emma tells us that last year for the season two production she was mainly making tents and banners and more tents and yet more and more tents! During season one she did a lot of embroidery including the wee bits that Sansa and Arya are working on when we first meet them in the opening episode. Emma also stitched the stag and hand of the king emblems into the chair backs of the Small Council seats.

We are also thrilled to announce that she will be running a Dothraki Jewellery Workshop for us at Shamrokon. We're offering the opportunity to sit down with Emma and create your very own piece of Dothraki jewellery. All the materials will be provided for you including wooden beads and real horse hair from Emma's own horses to string it all together.

There will be 3 workshops happening over the weekend there is a small fee of 4 euros to take part and the sign up sheets will be at Shamrokons reception desk.



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