Application to be on the Programme

A convention programme is only as strong as its participants and with around one hundred events expected during the Shamrokon weekend we need lots of volunteers to get involved! You don't need to be a professional author or artist, you just need to have passion, knowledge and a willingness to express your opinions, or read your work, or lead a workshop, in front of a room of people.

You absolutely do need to be a member of Shamrokon before you can be on the programme, so if you aren't already signed up, you should head on over to the Membership page before you go any further.

Filling in this form doesn't guarantee that you'll be involved, or that the event that's most relevant to you will be at a time you'll be around, but we'll do our best and we will get back to everyone and discuss things.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Programme team at

This is the E-mail address that will be used to contact you. It would be useful if this is the address that you used to join, but it is OK if it is not.
Please let us know all areas that you feel you would have an interest in talking about at Shamrokon.
Please let us know what experience you have that applies to your area(s) of interest, and also if relevant some general expiernce
Please provide any programme items, panel topics, performances, or workshops you think might be worthwhile. We will add those to our own list for consideration
Please select all types of program Items that you would be willing to carry out.
We will only schedule you on days that you indicate you will be available for.
Please Leave a Short Bio that we can use in our At convention Programme App. We suggest no more than a hundred words.