Tech - Martin Hoare

Tech - Martin Hoare

Martin’s first convention was Novacon 3 in 1973. By 1977 he was on the Novacon committee.

His first Eastercon committee was Skycon in 1978 where he pioneered a computerised registration system He has been on seven Eastercon committees including Albacon and Albacon II. He chaired Helicon 2 in Jersey and with John Brunner, he co-chaired Seacon 84.

He has worked on a number of Worldcons starting with Seacon 79 and was joint operations manager of Confiction, the 1990 Dutch Worldcon.

Providing tech to many conventions, he has survived the gore of Zombiecon and met up with many Old Time Fans at Corflu in Winchester as well as working on Novacon every year.

He is a keen traveller and has regularly attended foreign conventions since 1974.

In mundane life, he is a computer consultant. He also has a passion for recreational explosives and is professional pyrotechnist.