Shamrokon Committee

Co-Chair - James Shields

James has been a Science Fiction fan since reading the novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams before he was old enough to understand most of the jokes.

His first convention was the second Octocon in 1991, where he was shocked to discover that there were other people who liked Science Fiction. He volunteered to help design flyers for his second, and was on the committee for his third. Since then he has been on committees for many conventions, including chairing the Octocon O2K in 2000.

With the rest of his spare time he builds huge LEGO models, plays wargames and creates websites.

Brian has been getting his hands dirty in various fandoms for quite some time now.
In addition to running the reg desk for well over a decade at various Irish Science Fiction & Fantasy cons, he's also chaired more than his fair share of gaming and other events, including the 2012 Discworld Convention.
In his copious free time he can be found operating networks, playing a wide variety of games, dabbling in politics, voicing opinions on all sorts of different things across the Internet and sometimes even doing some writing.
Membership - Gareth Kavanagh

Gareth has been involved in various parts of Irish fandom since he attended his first convention, Octocon Lite, in 1998.  

He is still annoyed that he did not find out about the Eurocon in Dublin in 1997 until after it happened, having missed it by two days!

While in college in Maynooth NUI he set up a Science Fiction Society that is still going strong. The society now runs its own annual event, Epic-con.

In his time involved in conventions, he was on the committee for the first three P-CONs. He has held various positions on the committee of  Dominicon, the gaming convention run by the Maynooth Gaming Society, and was the Chairperson in 2004.

He was the chairperson for Octocon, The Irish National Convention, in 2011 and 2012, and continues in that role for 2013.

Finance - JC

JC has been a lurker at various conventions for some time now. Occasionally even helping out.

Apparently his background day job in finacial services & current lack of college course more than qualifies him to be drafted to help run Shamrokon finances.

Long time Sci/fi /fantasy fan. He can be found enjoying audiobooks while out running some race or another.Otherwise he's usually watching sportsball,fighting with swords (HEMA),gaming or headed to the airport.

In JC's free time...... Ha! Free time? Who are we kidding...

Promotions - Janet O Sullivan

Janet O' Sullivan has been involved running event of various sized for the last 20 years. From community arts and crafts to one day conferences, 3 day conventions, and even week long events.

Janet has been been a member of various fandoms also for that long and enjoys communicating about them and sharing the joy. She has recently been advancing her PR and Communication skills with her involvement in voluntary organizations and rights activism. Talking about her passions is what she loves to do and Shamrokon is one of them.

Tech - Martin Hoare

Martin’s first convention was Novacon 3 in 1973. By 1977 he was on the Novacon committee.

His first Eastercon committee was Skycon in 1978 where he pioneered a computerised registration system He has been on seven Eastercon committees including Albacon and Albacon II. He chaired Helicon 2 in Jersey and with John Brunner, he co-chaired Seacon 84.

He has worked on a number of Worldcons starting with Seacon 79 and was joint operations manager of Confiction, the 1990 Dutch Worldcon.

Providing tech to many conventions, he has survived the gore of Zombiecon and met up with many Old Time Fans at Corflu in Winchester as well as working on Novacon every year.

He is a keen traveller and has regularly attended foreign conventions since 1974.

In mundane life, he is a computer consultant. He also has a passion for recreational explosives and is professional pyrotechnist.

Dealer Liasion - Brian J. Showers

Brian J. Showers is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. He has written short stories, articles, interviews and reviews for magazines such as Rue Morgue, All Hallows, Ghosts & Scholars: The M.R. James Newsletter, Le Fanu Studies, Supernatural Tales and Wormwood. He also runs The Swan River Press.

His short story collection, The Bleeding Horse (Mercier Press), won the Children of the Night Award in 2008. He is also the author of Literary Walking Tours of Gothic Dublin (Nonsuch,  2006) and Old Albert -- An Epilogue (Ex Occidente, 2011); with Gary W. Crawford and Jim Rockhill he co-edited the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Reflections in a Glass Darkly: Essays on J. Sheridan Le Fanu (Hippocampus Press, 2011).

Legal - Rod O' Hanlon

Our legal eagle, Rod is a such a well-known face at Worldcons and Eastercons that many will be surprised to learn that he has never been on a convention committee before.

Ops - Jonathan O'Sullivan

Jonathan O'Sullivan, known to most as Jon, to many as Noj, and to a rare few as "get the hell off my lawn you"...

With a background in retail, administrative support, account management, sales and much more you can guess that he is pretty much a talker and dead air may be a challenge to find in his presence.

Having spent a lot of time enjoying many forms of scifi and fantasy for the majority of his existence the topic of conversation will usually have a point of relevance with any fandom.

Staff - Patrick Maher
Pat Maher comes to Shamrokon with a long history of staffing and organising games conventions and live roleplaying events,  Having started as a volunteer staff member at Trinity Games Society's Leprecon XVI convention in 1995 he then went on to be involved in the next 3 organising committee for Leprecon and over 10 years as a volunteer for Galecon from 1996 to 2010 including organising Co-Staff & Guests in 1998, Trade in 2005 and Staff & Site Manager in 2010.
Somewhere in the mid-90's he was also involved as a volunteer with a couple of Octocons, and then again 2011 & 2013.
In 2000 Pat discovered the wonderful world of live roleplaying and he volunteered for a number of years at the Lorien Trust's events in Derby, UK as mostly Security and Lighting & Sound Effects.  He moved on from there to Profound Decisions, where he volunteered as Games Operations & IT staff from 2007-2011, and then to Hicks with Sticks where he was the Games Operations Manager from 2009-2011.  
Currently Pat is the Director of GASCon, the Dublin Institute of Technology nerd societies' new geek con, and the Irish Games Association's ,Academy of Eblana' live roleplaying system. Pat has also worked in a variety of non-geek type events, usually in a staffing, customer service/operations, tech/IT or logistics role and also brings over 30 years experience in technical theatre.

In his day job, Pat is a mature student studying a degree in Computing at the Dublin Institute of Technology.
Art Show - Paul Sheridan

Paul Sheridan was born in The Liberties, Dublin, a long time ago. He has has lived in Leixlip, Co. Kildare since 1982. He took early retirement from real work in 2010 to pursue a career in art.

His illustrations have appeared in Hot Press, In Dublin Magazine, Fitz, the Phase magazines, The Grapevine and Evening Herald. Caricatures, cd covers and Film promotion posters have since put bread and jam on the table. The most recent film poster work includes "Dick Dickman P.I.", starring Patrick Bergin and Brendan O'Carroll, and "The Darkened Word", a proposed American Fantasy TV series from "Showrunners" Director Des Doyle.

He had his first solo exhibition in 2012 entitled "The Illustrated Bram Stoker". This was a tribute to the Dublin author of Dracula who died in 1912. The illustrations were based on the author's short stories and novels. Seven of the illustrations are now on display in Bram's Cafe,  just across the road from the original Stoker home in Fairview, Dublin 3.

He was Chairman of both The Irish Science Fiction Association and The Dublin Filmmaker's Club. He is currently running a Film appreciation club in Leixlip. He sometimes works under the pseudonym, ledpencil. This name is based on his first digital pen (long before Wacom), having a small LED light at the tip. The name ledpencil is officially registered to him.

Why would one stop on having just one life, if one can have many? Fan of fantasy, sci-fi and a gamer - when indoors, also enjoying life outdoors - cycling, sup-ing and lifting heavy things. Anna have always been involved in various events from European Snooker Championships to Tall Ships Races to mention a few. During everyday life - experienced customer service and sales manager in entertainment industry.

Anna's looking forward to helping to prepare and run Shamrokon.  

Caitríona has been an avid Science Fiction fan ever since stumbling across her older brother's copy of Robert Heinlein's Have Space Suit, Will Travel, as an impressionable young thing.
Upon her return from a decade in Boston, she was brought along to her first Science Fiction convention by that same brother, Pádraig Ó Méalóid. She has been a regular attendee at Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions ever since.
In more recent times, she has served as an occasional Octocon committee member, as well as on the committee of NISFA with the late Frank Darcy.
She is looking forward to helping to run Shamrokon.

Bio to Follow