Seanan McGuire

Seanan Maguire Black and White Photo

It's hard to believe Seanan McGuire's first novel was published in just 2009. Since then she's had ten novels published, won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and been nominated for numerous other awards, including five Hugo nominations. Her four nominations on the 2012 Hugo ballot (two under her own name and two under her pseudonym Mira Grant) made her the first woman to have been on the Hugo ballot more than three times in a single year. Shamrokon is delighted to have her as a Guest of Honour.

Seanan (an archaic Scottish variant of 'Janet', pronounced SHAWN-in) was born on the fifth of January, 1978 in Northern California. She credits the 80s Horror film Night of the Comet with igniting her love of horror, and the local wildlife of Northern California for her love of venomous animals. She studied folklore and herpetology at The University of California, Berkeley and currently works as a quality assurance engineer for a non-profit company. Seanan lives in a creaky old farmhouse in Northern California which she shares with three cats, whose own extensive bios are available on her website.

Seanan's novels are divided into three series. The October Daye series, published by DAW, are urban fantasy novels set in San Francisco and Faerie and follow the adventures of October 'Toby' Daye. Seanan was awarded the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer for the first book in this series, Rosemary and Rue. The InCryptid series, also published by DAW, feature Verity Price - journeyman cryptozoologist, ballroom dancer, and former reality television star. Seanan's SF zombie Horror series, the Newsflesh books, are published by Orbit under the pseudonym Mira Grant. The first book in this series, Feed, was selected by Publishers Weekly as one of their Best Books of 2010 and nominated for the 2011 Shirley Jackson Award and the 2011 Hugo Award for Best Novel. The second book in the series, Deadline, was nominated for the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novel, and a prequel novella, Countdown, was nominated for the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novella. Short fiction by Seanan has also been included in a number of anthologies, such as the Human for a Day and Westward Weird anthologies from DAW.

Seanan is a renowned filker, and has won five Pegasus Awards for her musical compositions and performances. She has released four albums and her current album, Wicked Girls, was nominated for the 2012 Hugo in the Best Related Work category.

Non-fiction articles by Seanan were included in the Hugo-award-winning essay collection Chicks Dig Time Lords and its companion collections Whedonistas! and Chicks Dig Comics. Seanan has also been regularly releasing a series of articles via her Livejournal blog under the heading 50 Thoughts on Writing.

Seanan is a founding member of the SF Squeecast, a podcast 'in which a group of Science Fiction  and Fantasy professionals squee about things SFnal, in a neverending panel discussion of vague positivity.' Other regular contributors include Elizabeth Bear, Paul Cornell, Lynne M. Thomas and Catherynne M. Valente. The SF Squeecast won the  2012 Hugo in the Best Fancast category.

You can find out more about Seanan and her work on her website. Seanan also maintains a Livejournal blog and a Twitter account.