Jim Fitzpatrick

Lugh faces the Evil Eye

Jim Fitzpatrick was born in Dublin, the grandson of Victorian illuminator Thomas Fitzpatrick and the son of Jimmie Fitzpatrick a well known photojournalist in Dublin with the Irish Independent and the Irish Times.

He was raised by his mother and his aunts and spent all of his formative years being educated and enlightened in the company of four highly intelligent and very forceful women. It was this formative period of his young life that shaped in his mind the archetypal stereotype of the female that is endlessly familiar in his work today and that often spills over into his real and actual life.

He would listen to the tales told to him by his mother and great aunt, for hours on end The tales told were always the same: tales of the 'old days', of the Tuath De Danann especially the stories of the Children of Lir and Deirdre of the Sorrows; of Cu Chulainn, the champion of Ulster and Finn MacCumhal, Leader of the Fianna; of Oisin and Niamh of the Golden Hair in Tir na nOg, the Land of Youth.

After College the artist spent 7 years working in Advertising. While he enjoyed his time in the job, and was well recompensed for his time, he found that he was artistically stiffled, “so one bright May morning, in 1972, I decided to chuck it all in and become an artist.”

This was a significant change for him, as he had a wife and two children to support with his sudden shift from full time worker to improvised artist. While he was already well known as in 1968 he had produced his famous Che Guevara print it was released royalty free to the world, and so he was getting no income from it.

It was the release by Motif Editions of London of his celtic themed artworks along with his gaining an agent that allowed him to continue as an artist, long enough to meet Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy, which as he says himself, “ really made the difference and got me up on my feet."

Jim Continues to produce art, which can be found for sale on his online store.

Che Guevera